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Forbes Factory

Forbes Factory's main focus is producing exclusive, eco-friendly products from locally-sourced, reclaimed materials – metals, glass and wood.

For the last ten years, I have been designing and producing custom jewelry and manufacturing seasonal lines for retail stores and private parties on the West Coast. For the retail stores, I have provided prototype designs for further large-scale production for catalog and online sales.

My studio consists of a complete jewelry suite for all processes of production. My experience and tools enables me to custom design and create any jewelry piece(s) in-house. I incorporate Harmony Recycled Precious Metals at my discretion when precious metals are required for clients' jewelry designs.

In the same building and alongside of creating jewelry, I have worked with repurposing glass bottles from neighboring bars and restaurants for the last four years. My Etsy shop, BottleMill, has produced thousands of glassware and home/garden decor for both retail and wholesale buyers.

For the last three years, I have incorporated steel and wood production in a 6000 sf studio-factory located in San Diego, and have the tools and equipment for creating home and garden furniture and decor.

Slowly but surely as we get our finished products photographed, our jewelry, glass, steel and wood portfolio will be showcased and available on our website.

Please stop by often to see what we've added, or follow us via Etsy, Facebook or Instagram to see what we have newly posted.

Will Forbes